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The feeling of driving an INFINITI is unmistakable. Service at your Ed Hicks INFINITI retailer in Corpus Christi is much the same. Make an appointment today to enjoy the highest level of care and an abundance of amenities.

Schedule an appointment for tires, brakes, oil changes, battery replacement, body repair, and more at your local INFINITI retailer at 3026 S Padre Island Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78415. Ed Hicks INFINITI offers exceptional service for all vehicles, not just INFINITI vehicles.

Why INFINITI Service at Ed Hicks INFINITI in Corpus Christi?

Make an appointment online at Ed Hicks INFINITI in Corpus Christi for trustworthy car repair and maintenance plus exceptional service. Our highly-skilled technicians are trained to repair most vehicles, not just INFINITI models. This training level means all Corpus Christi drivers can take advantage of the INFINITI Service experience.

Make an appointment for warranty repairs, routine maintenance, brake service, battery replacement, an oil change, new tires, interior/exterior repairs, or a complimentary multi-point inspection.* Then get ready to relax. The waiting area at Ed Hicks INFINITI features complimentary wi-fi, refreshments, and comfortable seating. A complimentary car wash is included with your service, too. Learn more about the auto repair services available near you in Corpus Christi and schedule your service visit today.

Renew Your Stopping Power with a Brake Service Appointment

Your INFINITI is an elegant machine. It requires top-quality brake pads, rotors, and fluids to stop on a dime. Trust your Ed Hicks INFINITI retailer for brake service and repair in Corpus Christi. Your visit will begin with a complimentary brake inspection.* During the inspection, a trained technician will comprehensively inspect your braking components and uncover the source of any brake problems you might be experiencing. Common brake problems include an illuminated brake warning light, squealing/grinding when braking, your vehicle pulling to one side, and a longer-than-normal brake time. In extreme cases, you may smell something burning when your brakes are applied or notice brake fluid leaking when your vehicle is in park. Service your brake system at Ed Hicks INFINITI and prepare for your next stop, wherever that might be.

Invest in Smooth Engine Performance and Quality Oil Changes in Corpus Christi

Oil change services aren’t all the same. At INFINITI in Corpus Christi, a highly-trained technician performs every oil change correctly and with care. We aim to optimize your engine performance with only the best motor oil and filters. After all, protecting your engine is one of the best ways to preserve the life of your vehicle. Why do we care so much about oil changes? Oil lubricates all of the moving parts in your engine. Investing in regularly scheduled oil and filter changes helps keep your engine clean and operating smoothly. Without routine oil changes, your engine could overheat or incur damage. Make an appointment for a conventional or synthetic oil change in Corpus Christi and choose from our full line of premium engine oil products from Mobil™.

Expect Supreme Power with the Best Car Battery Replacement at Ed Hicks INFINITI

A powerful car battery results in supercharged performance. Visit Ed Hicks INFINITI near you for car battery installation or repairs in Corpus Christi, Texas. Our technicians can investigate battery issues and install a new one in your vehicle. General signs that your vehicle may need a new battery include an engine that’s slow to turn over, dim interior lights, an illuminated dashboard warning light, and the constant need for jumpstarts.

At a minimum, it’s a wise idea to have your battery checked as soon as you notice signs it’s starting to lose charge. Without a fully functioning car battery, you could be left in South Texas without a vehicle that won’t start. Whether you drive an INFINITI or not, you can request a complimentary battery inspection* at Ed Hicks INFINITI in Corpus Christi, TX. In less than a minute, a trusted technician can inspect your battery and tell you if it’s good to go or needs to be replaced.

Beyond new battery installation, your nearby INFINITI retailer in Corpus Christi can also support you with electric battery service, battery cable replacement, connection tightening, and terminal cleaning. Schedule a battery appointment for battery service on any new or used vehicle.

Own Texas Roads with the Right Tires and Tire Services

Trust your trajectory with new tire installation, repair, rotation, and alignment from Ed Hicks INFINITI in Corpus Christi. We carry some of the best tire brands, all selected to meet the high quality standards of your INFINITI and to suit your driving style. Whether you drive a car, truck, or SUV, you can find the right tire type and size for almost any vehicle. And, our tire service extends beyond the INFINITI lineup. Our trained technicians can service most cars. Shop car tires today and get to know the top brands in the business.

If you’re unsure where to start when selecting the best tires for your car, just ask. One of our local technicians will explain the difference between all-season, touring, and performance tires. Get a tire quote online and visit Ed Hicks INFINITI in Corpus Christi today for expert installation and tire maintenance.

Turn to the One You Trust, Your Nearest INFINITI Auto Shop in Corpus Christi

Enjoy optimal performance all year long. Invest in scheduled maintenance and high-quality car repairs at your nearest INFINITI retailer in Corpus Christi, Texas. The trained technicians at Ed Hicks INFINITI know your INFINITI inside and out and can provide excellent service for all vehicles. Schedule your maintenance or repair appointment today, or stop by for INFINITI Express Service. No appointment is necessary. Express Service is a great way to get in and out quickly if you need an oil change, tire rotation, some scheduled maintenance, battery service, air/cabin filter change, or a wiper blade replacement. For all other car repairs and services, please schedule an appointment online or over the phone.